Transcription textuelle du poster COVID : gestes simples (anglais)

Easy steps to protect against coronavirus


Limit contact with other people.

  • Don’t shake hands.
  • Don’t kiss people.
  • Don’t visit people who are not well.
  • Don’t let other people drink from your bottle.


Wash hands frequently with soap.

You can also use sanitiser gel.


Cough or sneeze:

  • into your sleeve,
  • into a paper tissue.


Only use paper tissues once.

and put them in the dustbin.


If you have a fever or a cough, call your doctor

If you find it hard to breathe:

  • call 15
  • or contact 114 if you have difficulties hearing or speaking.

I can call 0 800 130 000 for more information on coronavirus.

Find a simplified travel certificate and posters on self-isolation at


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