Transcription textuelle du flyer SantéBD (EN)

Easy-to-read digital tools to better understand health

Videos – Illustrated booklets


What is SantéBD?

A mobile applications, videos and illustrated booklets which explain how consultations, treatments or prevention measures are carried out, and how to remain healthy.

The pictures are clear and comforting.

The sentences are short and easy to understand.

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The booklets are customisable according to the patient’s profile: age, gender and difficulties :

  • boy,
  • girl,
  • man
  • woman
  • weelchair

A large selection of health topics.

New topics every year.

  • Consultations
  • Treatment
  • Tests
  • Dental care
  • Ophtalmology
  • Imaging
  • Hospital
  • Prevention
  • Pain
  • Daily care


Where to find SantéBD?

SantéBD is free of charge.

SantéBD is accessible to all.

SantéBD is produced by the Association Coactis Santé in collaboration with numerous stakeholders involved with health and disabilities.

Together, they work on these tools ton ensure accessible use for all. –

Illustrations by Frédérique Mercier – Copyright Coactis Santé – Any use other than for educational and informational purposes and any commercial is prohibited.

SantéBD is supported by :

  • Fondation Handicap Malakoff Médéric – Groupe Malakoff Médéric Humanis
  • Orange Foundation
  • l’Assurance maladie
  • la Caisse nationale de solidarité pour l’autonomie
  • la mairie de Paris
  • Santé publique France