Transcription textuelle de la BD Why and how ?

Why should I take care of my teeth ?

So I don’t get cavities.

So I don’t get gum infections.

If my teeth are damaged :

it may be painful

my smile might not be as pretty

I could have bad breath

I could have difficulty speaking

I could have difficulty eating

To take care of my teeth, make sure to brush them

Brushing my teeth prevents cavities.

Brushing removes food stuck to my teeth.

I should brush my teeth twice a day.

Try to do so after meals.

Brushing in the evening, after dinner, is very important.

If I cannot brush my teeth:

I will rinse my mouth out with water after eating.

Chew sugarless gum.

Chewing gum creates saliva. It’s good for my teeth.

Choosing my toothbrush and toothpaste.

Look at the page on how « to choose my toothbrush and toothpaste »

I do not wet the toothbrush before putting toothpaste on it.

This is more effective

I put a little toothpaste on the toothbrush.

If I don’t have toothpaste, I can brush my teeth anyway.

To brush my teeth correctly.

I always start with my gums and brush towards my teeth

Lower jaw

  • I start with the gums
  • And then move up to the teeth

Upper jaw

  • I start with the gums
  • And then move up to the teeth

For each tooth, I brush :

  • in front
  • behind
  • on top

To make sure that I have brushed all of my teeth, I brush in this direction :

Brushing should take at least two minutes.

If I can, I also brush my tongue.

When I’m done, I rinse my toothbrush.

If I cannot brush my teeth by myself.

Read the page on « when I can’t brush my teeth by myself ».

After brushing, there are other ways to clean my teeth.

Read the page on « after brushing ».

Eating well helps my teeth

I only eat during meals.

I don’t eat between meals.

Eating between meals could harm my teeth.

I eat a well-balanced diet.

I drink water every day.

I eat fresh fruits : it’s better than buying fruit juice.

It’s better for my health.

I pay attention to food that creates more cavities.

I do not eat too many sweet or sour foods.

  • Sugar
  • With a sour taste
  • With hidden sugar that you can’t taste:  they could be salty

I do not drink to many sugary or sour beverages.

  • Sugary, for example sodas and fruit juice
  • Sour, for example fruit juice and lemonade

I do not drink these beverages every day.

It’s better to drink sugary and sour beverages with a straw.

So that I avoid direct contact with my teeth.

To take care of my teeth, I go to the dentist twice a year.

The dentist gives me dental care tips.

The dentist might also clean my teeth.

Read the page on « The dentist cleaned my teeth ».

The dentist can also fill a cavity.

If I get it taken care or early, it won’t hurt at all.

Read the booklet « Cavities ».


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