Transcription textuelle de la BD Vaccine

Vaccination against Covid-19.

The vaccine protects me against Covid-19

If I have the vaccine:

If I get Covid-19, I will be less sick.

The vaccine is for everyone.

  1. Some people are vaccinated before anyone else.
  2. Soon, everyone will have the vaccine.

People visiting from other countries can get the vaccine.

You don’t need to be a French citizen to get the vaccine

They will let me know when it is my turn.

I make an appointment to get the vaccine.

The vaccine against Covid-19 isn’t obligatory.

The doctor will tell me if I can have the vaccine.

I must say if I want to have the vaccine or not. It’s my choice!

To help me decide, I can talk to:

  • my doctor,
  • my friends, my family,
  • my guardian,
  • someone who works for the Red Cross.

The vaccine is given by a healthcare worker.

They give me an injection in my arm.

The injection hurts a little, but it doesn’t last long.

After the vaccine.

For 1 or 2 days, I might have:

  • some redness where I had the injection,
  • a headache,
  • a slight temperature,
  • soreness in my muscles.

To help me feel better:

  • I rest,
  • I drink plenty of water.

If I feel very unwell, I call my doctor.

After the vaccine, I continue to social distance.

Everyone continues to social distance.

For extra protection, I get another vaccine 4 weeks later.

The vaccine is free.

To make an appointment for the vaccine:

I can call 0800 009 110

or visit the website

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This factsheet was created by SantéBD, and adapted for the French Red Cross.

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