Transcription textuelle de la BD The ER – The nurse’s questionnaire

The nurse asks me questions about my health.

The nurse asks if I have any health problems.

For example :

  • Do I have asthma ?
  • Do I have epileptic fits ?
  • Do I have a heart disease ?
  • Do I have diabetes ?

The nurse asks if I have any allergies.

The nurse asks me what I am allergic to.

For example :

  • Medication ?
  • Insect bites ?
  • Food ?
  • Animal fur ?
  • Polenn ?

The nurse asks me if I take any medication.

The nurse asks if I drink alcohol.

The nurse asks if I smoke.

The nurse asks if I take drugs.

The nurse asks why I am here.

I am injured.

The nurse asks how I injured myself.

For example :

  • Did I fall down ?
  • Did I cut myself ?
  • Did I get punched ?

I burned myself.

The nurse asks how I burned myself.

For example :

  • With fire ?
  • With a boiling liquid ?
  • With a toxic product ?
  • With a burning object ?

I don’t feel well at all.

The nurse asks me why.

For example :

  • Does my chest hurt ?
  • Am I dizzy ?
  • Did I lose consciouness ?
  • Am I having trouble breathing ?

The nurse asks how I feel.

The nurse asks if I have fever.

The nurse asks if my head hurts.

The nurse asks if my stomach hurts.

She asks me if :

  • I have diarrhea.
  • I am constipated.
  • I vomited.

The nurse asks me questions about my pain.

The nurse asks me where it hurts.

I can show her where it hurts :

  • on myself
  • on a drawing
  • in my communication binder.

The nurse asks me to indicate how much pain I am in.

I can indicate how much pain I’m in on a scale.

There are different scales :

  • The graduated scale.
  • The smiley scale.
  • The progressive scale.

I can go to the emergency room with my scale.

Find the different scales in the booklet « Indicating and relieving pain ».

The nurse asks what my pain is like.

For example :

  • Does it burn ?
  • Is it throbbing ?
  • Do I feel breathless ?
  • Does it feel like it’s pressing down on me ?

The nurse asks me when it started.

The nurse asks me if I am always in pain.

Or only from time to time.

The nurse gives all this information to the doctor.

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