Transcription textuelle de la BD The dentist treats a cavity

What is a cavity ?

A cavity is a hole in the tooth.

I need to treat a cavity because it can hurt.

The dentist gives me a local anesthetic

The dentist can make my tooth fall asleep.

He puts a product on my gums so I won’t feel the shot.

He gently gives me a shot on the side of the tooth.

It tastes funny.

The dentist rinses my mouth out with water.

The dental assistant sucks up the water at the same time.

I have a funny feeling in my mouth.

It does not hurt when the dentist touches my tooth.

I can’t feel anything.

The dentist removes the cavity.

He removes the cavity with a small vibrating machine.

The machine also puts water and air in my mouth.

Then the dentist fills the hole in my tooth.

The dentist can use the air blower to dry my teeth.

He puts a product on my tooth.

The dentist fills the hole in the tooth with a kind of paste.

He hardens the paste with a blue light.

He rinses my mouth and the assistant sucks up the water.

Sometimes he tells me to rinse my own mouth out with water.

I spit in a small sink next to the chair.

I must come back in 6 months to make sure that everything is going well.

The document was created in partnership with the French Union for Oral Health and the SOSS network, which works towards providing access to oral health for disabled people.


The translation of this tool was made possible thanks to the support of the Orange Foundation.

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This document was proofread by people with learning disabilities and respects the European Easy-to-Read Guidelines. These guidelines help to make information available for everyone.

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