Transcription textuelle de la BD The consultation

Why do I need to go to the ophthalmologist ?

The ophthalmologist takes care of my eyes.

I need to go to the eye doctor :

  • To find out if my vision needs correcting.
  • To find out if I see straight or not.
  • To find out if I have an eye disease.

What happens when I’m there ?

I can have an eye doctor appointment :

  • at an ophthalmogy office
  • or at a hospital or clinic.

If I have glasses, I should wear them.

I wait for my turn in the waiting room.

I go into the consultation room.

There are several machines.

  • Eye chart
  • Computer
  • Box of lenses
  • The machine that checks my vision
  • The machine that checks if my eyes are sick
  • Chair where I sit
  • Stool for the eye doctor

The eye doctor asks me questions.

She asks me why I am here.

  • Do my eyes hurt ?
  • Do I need to change my glasses ?

She asks me about my vision :

  • Can I see far away ?
  • How do I look at my computer ?
  • How do I read ?

She asks me how I am doing :

  • Am I in good health ?
  • Do I take medication ?

The eye doctor starts the eye exam.

To check to see if I need glasses.

See the booklet on « The eye doctor checks to see if I need glasses ».

To check how my eyes are.

See the booklet on « The eye doctor checks to see if my eyes are ok ».

The consultation is over.

The eye doctor gives me a prescription.

  • For glasses.
  • For eye drops.
  • For medical tests.
  • For other eye tests.


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