Transcription textuelle de la BD MEOPA Gas

To help make my treatment easier

What does MEOPA gas do?

MEOPA gas is an equal mixture of two gases – Nitrogen and Oxygen

It helps me feel more relaxed during treatment

and to feel less pain.

What is MEOPA gas?

It’s a gas that I breathe a mask.

I breathe it in through a mask.

The mask is connected to the balloon which is connected to the gas cylinder by the hose.

There are different sorts of mask.

  • Some cover my nose and mouth.
  • Some only cover my nose.

What happens?

The nurse gives me a mask.

I can ask someone to hold it for me.

Sometimes, I can choose a flavour.

I breathe normally through the mask.

I keep breathing the gas all through the treatment.

The balloon inflates and deflates.

I can hear the gas – it makes a hissing sound!

I can see the people around me and I hear them talking.

They might sound quite loud.

I can talk.

With MEOPA gas I might have some unusual feelings:

  • Pins and needles.
  • I might want to laugh!
  • My ears might hurt.
  • I might feel sick.
  • It might feel like I’m dreaming.

When the treatment is over

I take off the mask.

After MEOPA gas I might fall asleep.

Then everything goes back to normal.

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Illustrations by Frédérique Mercier.

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