Transcription textuelle de la BD Blood test

What is a blood test ?

A needle is inserted in my vein in order to draw my blood.

Veins are blue lines that I can see under my skin.
My veins are full of blood.

My doctor is the one who requests a blood test.

He gives me a prescription.

What is it for ?

A blood test can help tell if I have a disease.

It helps the doctor prescribe me with the right medication.

It helps monitor the illness’s progress.

Before the blood test.

So that it won’t hurt, I can numb my skin two hours ahead of time of applying:

  • some anesthetic pomade
  • or an anesthetic patch.

If I am nervous, I can go to a hospital that has MEOPA.

MEOPA is a gas that I breathe in so that I feel calmer.
To find out more, look at the document on MEOPA.

Oftentimes, I must not eat or drink before a blood test.

What happens during a blood test ?

I go to the laboratory

or a hospital or clinic

or a nurse comes to my house.

A nurse greets me.

She tells me to sit down on a chair or couch.

My arms rests on the armrest.
The person who came with me can stay by my side.

The nurse puts on gloves and a mask.

The nurse puts a tourniquet around my arm.

The tourniquet is a large elastic band.
The tourniquet squeezes my arm and my veins get bigger.

The nurse asks me to make a fist.

The nurse prepares to draw my blood.

She chooses a vein and taps it to make it bigger.
She rubs a cotton ball with alcohol on my arm to clean my skin.
It’s a little cold !
She inserts the needle into my vein.
It is very important not to move my arm.

I do not have to look.

There are ways to make it hurt less and feel less scared.
To find out more, see the booklet on pain.

My blood flows into a tube.

My blood is red !
Drawing blood does not take very long.
When the tube is full the nurse removes it.
Sometimes, she fills several tubes.


I relax my fist and then the nurse removes the tourniquet.
She removes the needle and presses a cotton ball on my arm.
The nurse puts on a bandage.

After the blood test.

I can eat.

I can remove the bandage two hours later.

A bruise could appear and disappear within a couple days.

The lab analyses my blood.

It sends me the results.

I go back to the doctor.

He explains the results to me.

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